Snippet – Spoils of Wyrd – Book 2 of the Ways of Wyrd

For all you curious people out there…Spoils of Wyrd is in progress.   <insert fireworks and revelry here>  If you haven’t already, you still have a few months to read A Twist of Wyrd before SoW comes out. *wink*

Book 1 was focused more on Bryn and her history and issues.  In Book 2, you’ll get to know more about Trygg’s past…and boy, is it a doozy.

To hold you over, here’s a tiny unedited snippet of SoW from Trygg’s POV.

My fingertips skimmed down the slope of Bryn’s neck, through the dip in her collarbone. The silky softness of her milk and honey skin marked so easily. All traces of the violence I’d committed were gone now, but the scars on my soul would never fade.

I rested my trembling hand over her heart, counted each beat—fifty-two gifts from the gods, every single minute. The scent of us lured my lips to her skin. Unable to resist, I pressed an open-mouthed kiss to her shoulder, then licked her neck.

“Mmmm.” Bryn threaded her fingers through my hair and drew my mouth to hers. “Is it time to go see the valkyries yet?”

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GIVEAWAY! – A Twist of Wyrd

I have the sweetest, most generous, and amazing friends. I don’t know how I got so fortunate, but I’m thankful for each and every one of them.

I am also especially thankful for their support of my writing…which brings us to the purpose of this post.

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Norse Mythology for Smart People

When I decided to write “a story about a Valkyrie,” I had no idea that I’d end up with a completely different heroine, plus be planning (very loosely) a 10 book paranormal romance series steeped in Norse Mythology. Needless to say, I’ve ended up doing a lot of research about Norse Polytheism and still am.

One of the sites that I stumbled upon on the WWW during my quest for knowledge was a site created by author and scholar, Dan McCoy. It’s called Norse Mythology for Smart People.

Norse Mythology for Smart People provides reliable, well-documented information on the fascinating mythology and religion of the Norse/Germanic peoples.

What I love the most about NMfSP is that the information is intelligent, well written, and referenced. Dan McCoy truly is a scholar. I consider this site a trusted, dare I say gospel, resource because it’s obvious that Mr. McCoy has done HIS research.

The information I’ve gained from Mr. McCoy’s articles has inspired so many fun little twists and turns in my story world. I can’t really share those right now, but you’ll read about them.  I will give you one hint, though.  One of my favorite articles is “The Parts of the Self.” *wink*

So, if you’re interested in Norse Mythology, be sure to check out Norse Mythology for Smart People. Just make sure you carve out a few hours of free time first.

Source: Norse Mythology for Smart People – The Ultimate Online Resource for Norse Mythology and Religion