Character Guide


Listed in alphabetical order by character’s first name

Abigail Shelton [Jotun] – David Shelton’s wife. Mother of Gideon Shelton.

Aidan Ferguson [Human] – Trygg’s stepson. Deceased.

Andrew “Drew” Johnson [Human] – Gideon Shelton’s boyfriend.

Ava Hinterland [Jotun] – Mordechai Hinterland’s wife. Deceased.

Bartholomew “Bart” Reisser [Jotun] – Bodyguard working for Mordechai Hinterland.

Bill Patterson [Human] – Sheriff of Summit County. 

Bryn Ullman/Brynja Aren Pruedatter [Aesir and Svartalf] – Heroine of A Twist of Wyrd. Private Investigator and owner of Simmons Investigations. Dezi’s best friend. Daughter of Prue Thordatter & King Alvis. Granddaughter of Thor and Sif. Great-Granddaughter of Odin and Frigg.

Caitlin Mackenzie [Human] – Trygg’s wife. Deceased.

David Shelton [Human] – Akron City Police Detective. Father to Gideon Shelton.

Demarion “DG” Hinterland [Jotun] – Mordechai and Ava Hinterland’s son. Owner of the Prodigal Lair nightclub.

Desiree Simmons [Human] – Aka Dezi. Bryn’s best friend. Realtor. Jace FitzRoy’s girlfriend.

Eamon Duff [Svartalf] – Svartalf Bani of the Assassins Cabal. Bani is the highest rank an assassin can reach. Aoife Duff’s brother.

Eugenia/Geni Ullman [Ljósalfar] – Bryn’s adoptive mother. Runemaster.

Frank Ullman [Ljósalfar] – Bryn’s adoptive father. Runemaster.

Gideon Shelton [Human and Jotun] – David Shelton’s son. Son of Abigail Shelton. Deceased.

Grimm Harbard [Human] – Leader of one band of Berserkers operating in the US. Augmented hearing. Immortal.

Harry Watson [Human] – Berserker with the power to read emotions and thoughts in a person’s mind. Can push thoughts into another person’s head as well as force an overload which causes the person to blackout. Immortal.

Jace FitzRoy [Human] – Berserker with powers of healing. Immortal.

Jack Jacoby [Jotun]- Bartender at the Dance Stage. 

Jalena [Ice Elemental] – DG’s hookup.

King Alvis [Svartalf] – Bryn’s father and ruler of Svartalfheim. Kidnapped Bryn’s mother and forced pregnancy upon her.

Levi Gellner [Jotun] – Limo driver employed by Mordechai Hinterland.

Mist Kerrigan [Human] – Mordechai Hinterland’s live-in girlfriend.

Mordechai Hinterland [Jotun-Devourer] – Trygg’s boss. Head of the Devourer Mob/Clan. Multi-millionaire. Owner of the Theater of War and the Dance Stage, with interests in several businesses in Ohio and all across the country. Has encouraged his people to use Enlightened techniques to control their violent natures.

Naoko Wakahisa [Ljósalfar] – Runemaster working for DG.

Odin the Allfather [Aesir] – Bryn’s great-grandfather. Ruler of the Aesir. Commander of the Berserkers. Has not been seen in over three hundred years, but continues to give orders to his Berserkers via Grimm Harbard.

Prue Thordatter [Aesir] – Bryn’s mother, daughter of Thor and Sif, Granddaughter of Odin and Frigg.

Tim Myers [Human] – Deputy of Summit County Sheriff’s Department.

Trygg Kenneth Mackenzie [Vanir, Jotun, and Human]Hero of A Twist of Wyrd. Berserker with enhanced olfactory system that allows him to track people/things by scent. Works as Head of Security for Mordechai Hinterland. Immortal.