The Ways of Wyrd Series


Publishers Weekly says, “Romance blends with Norse mythology in this fast-paced debut. […] Readers looking for plenty of steamy love scenes and a strong heroine who refuses to be a damsel in distress will appreciate this humorous, action-filled paranormal.”  


They found her once and they’ll find her again. But when they come for her, can she trust the love of a monster?

P.I. Bryn Ullman can view your past. All it takes is one touch. But while visions of the past may help her save others, her own memories leave her powerless and terrified of the shadows hunting her.

Berserker Trygg Mackenzie is a tracker who never forgets a scent. One whiff of Bryn and he wishes otherwise. The last time they met, the monster inside him left behind a bloodbath. Now the thing wants Bryn and Trygg’s not sure he can fight it.

Thrown together in the investigation of a brutal murder, they can’t deny their desires. But lust is a dangerous distraction. When the search for the truth propels them on a collision course with Bryn’s deadly past, they’ll need more than passion to make it out alive.

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