I did an interview! + Enter for a free copy of AToW!

Hi, everyone! It’s been a while, huh? I won’t bore you with details, though; instead, we’re gonna go straight to the good stuff.

I have a few things going on this week…

First of all…my paranormal romance, A Twist of Wyrd, is celebrating its 2-year anniversary! Time sure flies when you’re talking to imaginary people, amiright? I’m currently working on the second book in the series AND I’m co-writing a paranormal romance trilogy with my friend Saffron Hart. So, have no fear. New books from me are coming. I’m just a little slow.

Second…I did my very first podcast interview on the Living in the Stacks podcast last weekend and it was so much fun! They’re a great group of people who are doing their part to support Indie authors and I was honored to be a part of that. The first part of the interview is a little get-to-know-PJ segment and the second part is the LitS group’s review of AToW.

And third…March 23rd is my birthday! But Ohio is on lockdown so I can’t go out to celebrate. 🙁

Since I can’t go out, I decided to party on the virtual plane. From now through March 30th, A Twist of Wyrd is just $.99 on Amazon! (US & UK Only. Sorry! UK sale actually starts on 3/24) I’m also giving away a few e-book copies. Just comment here and tell me what your reading or watching or doing for fun instead of going out and socializing.

Stay well, everyone! May the Norns be kind to you and yours.